Lasers In Ophthalmology \ Mastering the Techniques of Laser Applications in Ophthalmology :
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Mastering the techniques of Laser applications in Ophthalmology is a contemporary, well written, beautifully illustrated and comprehensive review of what is now a vast area of technological advancements and clinical applications of many different types of lasers in Ophthalmology. The very elegantly written Mastering the Techniques of Laser Applications in Ophthalmology, is a textbook that could provide this educative reference for clinicians in ophthalmic practice by covering all the different in applications of lasers in Ophthalmology in depth, and by as first mentioned, a broad insight in the field throughout the world. This book contains 99 chapters written by International masters of Laser experts. Cover all parameters from Laser Machine dynamics to Lasers in lens diseases; Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery, Vitreo-retinal diseases, Strabismus and oculoplastic reconstruction, Pediatric refractive surgery and Recent advances. Specifically the basic physics and translation into clinical application of laser technology is described at the first section and in multiple chapters of this elaborative reference book. The second section concentrates on the application of laser in lens diseases such as laser in cataract surgery. Most of the cutting-edge research and application has been done internationally, and this book again devotes several elaborative chapters to cover all basic science and clinical details. In the third section, the applications of lasers in glaucoma are being presented. The fourth section of the book concentrates on lasers in cornea refractive surgery, probably the most “explosive” and worldwide development of laser application in all of medicine. The fifth section of the book concentrates on the use of laser in retinal diseases and again another area of multiple and vast applications. This ready-reference book shall help readers to obtain complete information on the wide applications of lasers in ophthalmology by providing a thorough understanding of the subject.

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BookAuthor:  Garg Ashok , Lin JT , Alio Jorge L , Azad Rajvardhan , Bovet Jerome Jean , Pajic Bojan , Mehta Cyres K Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2007 ISBN 9788184481426
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