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Corneal Biomechanics: From Theory to Practice represents the first comprehensive book on corneal biomechanics, with clinicians as the target audience. The book is divided into three sections: Basics, Devices, and Applications. The Basics section includes an introduction to important biomechanical concepts and vocabulary, as well as laboratory techniques for quantifying biomechanical properties and a comparison of properties between human and porcine eyes. The Devices section includes chapters written by representatives of the manufacturers of the Ocular Response Analyzer and the Corvis ST, the only two commercial devices available for characterizing biomechanical deformation response to an air puff, as well as three other promising technologies with which data has been acquired on living human eyes, written by the main developer(s) of the respective technology. The Applications section starts with a chapter on interpretation of deformation characteristics, followed by two chapters relevant for glaucoma specialists, and four chapters relevant for cornea and refractive surgeons

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BookAuthor:  C.J. Roberts and J. Liu Version : First Edition
Publisher : Kugler Publications PublishDate :   September 7, 2016 ISBN 978-9062992485
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