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The book covers practically all tumors of eye and adnexa. Chapters are contributed by well- established ocular oncologists of India. It describes retinoblastoma, malignant melanoma and lymphoma in some detail while covering tumors of lids and conjunctiva briefly. Separate chapters are devoted to the pathology of retinoblastoma, genetics of retinoblastoma and malignant melanoma. Each chapter is profusely illustrated. The book provides state-of-the-art knowledge needed to diagnose ocular cancers in the early stage and to treat them effectively. The book meets the curriculum of postgraduate studies of the Indian Universities. It will be very useful for students who are preparing for MD, MS, DNB and FRCS examinations. The book will assist practicing ophthalmologists in early diagnosis and treatment of ocular tumors.

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BookAuthor:  H. V. Nema (Editor), Nitin Nema (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   December 5, 2020 ISBN 978-9811583834
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