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There have been many changes in the arena of ophthalmic care since the last edition of this book was published. This fourth edition has been fully updated and revised to reflect these recent advances in care, and incorporates new information on patient care, contexts of care, and expanded roles. It includes a greater emphasis on the primary care setting, more information on issues such as new treatments, infection control, and use of technology, greater detail on theatre, anaesthetics and recovery, and new information on the role of other healthcare professionals involved in ophthalmic care. Now with colour illustrations throughout, this accessible text also includes evidence–based procedure guidelines and reflective practice exercises that enable the reader to apply the learning in practice. Written by highly regarded authors based at The University of Manchester and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Ophthalmic Nursing is a must–have for every eye department.

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BookAuthor:  Mary E. Shaw, Agnes Lee, Rosalind Stollery Version : Fourth Edition
Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell PublishDate :   2010 ISBN 978-1405184298
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