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An opthalmologist’s guide to everything from lutein to Lasik: “Valuable tips, unique insights. . .Dr. Abel is a healer for the 21st century.”—from the Foreword by Mehmet Oz, M.D. Is it true that Alzheimer's can be predicted through the eye?Sleep apnea can cause blindness?Computers and texting are creating an epidemic of nearsightedness?Retina chips and stem cell therapy offer promise for macular degeneration patients?Your prescription drugs can give you cataracts. . .or glaucoma? Alternative therapies have created new vistas for hope in eye care. In this breakthrough guide—newly revised and updated--ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Abel brings you amazing nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and Asian therapies, along with conventional methods, to prevent and even reverse most vision disorders. Discover: New devices that allow the blind to "see" through their tongues What you need to know about your children's eyes How to administer eye drops with your eyes closed Antioxidant must-haves for your eyes A safe, herbal treatment for glaucoma Surprising ways vitamins can protect and heal your eyes Easy steps to end eyestrain New developments in LASIK surgery Why lutein may be even more important for vision than beta-carotene How to improve lazy eyes through acupuncture and vision therapy Covering everything from high-tech laser treatments to centuries-old Asian remedies, Dr. Abel's authoritative, reliable information will help you and your doctor become full partners in saving your eyes and your overall good health. "If you have an eye condition, ask your ophthalmologist how he will treat you. Then pick up Dr. Abel's book and note how many more answers he gives. I can vouch for the fact that the options he offers, being natural and nutritional, are far better."—Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

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BookAuthor:  Robert Abel (Author), Mehmet Oz (Foreword) Version : Third Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Kensington Books PublishDate :   29 April 2014 ISBN 978-0758293718
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