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Orbital surgery deals with a variety of complications occurring in the eye socket comprising inflammatory diseases like thyroid-associated orbitopathy, tumors, infections, and injuries from trauma that affect eye function. In this volume, renowned European orbital surgery experts share their professional experience and expertise. Their contributions cover basic as well as more specialized up-to-date concepts that are beneficial in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with orbital disorders. The book offers a practical review of this complex and very interesting branch of ophthalmic plastic surgery for ophthalmology residents, ophthalmic plastic and orbital surgery fellows, ophthalmic plastic surgeons with a special interest in orbital surgery, and general ophthalmologists.

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BookAuthor:  R. Medel (Editor), L.M. Vásquez (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : S. Karger PublishDate :   August 25, 2014 ISBN 978-3318026054
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