Investigations \ Understanding OCT Angiography from Pathophysiology to Clinical Imaging :
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This handbook provides ophthalmologists and trainees with the latest advances in the rapidly developing field of OCT Angiography. Beginning with an overview of the technology and terminology, the next chapter explains how to perform an OCTA examination. The following sections describe the pathophysiology, clinical features, imaging and management techniques for different retinal disorders. Authored by an internationally recognised group of experts, led by Professor Bruno Lumbroso, the book is highly illustrated with cross sectional and ‘en face’ OCT images, drawings and tables. This text is invaluable reading for clinicians learning OCTA interpretation for routine everyday use and diagnostic retinal pathologies.

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BookAuthor:  Bruno Lumbroso (Author), David Huang (Author), Eric H Souied (Author), Cristina Maria Savastano (Author), Yali Jia (Author), Marco Rispoli (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   January 1, 2020 ISBN 978-1909836938
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