Refractive Surgery \ Current Concepts in Refractive Surgery :
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•A comprehensive compilation of the entire armamentarium of modern-day refractive procedures, including corneal laser ablation, refractive lenticule extraction and lens-based surgeries. •Systematic organization into sections highlighting the evolution of refractive surgery, preoperative assessment and diagnostics, and current refractive techniques with their outcomes, advantages and limitations. •Highlights comprehensive preoperative assessment, patient counseling and decision-making with a special emphasis on the role of latest diagnostics and investigative modalities to optimize refractive practice. •Detailed description of the technical aspects of different refractive procedures including the specifications of various laser platforms, recommended parameters and laser settings, and treatment protocols. •High-quality clinical photographs, schematic diagrams, concise tables and self-explanatory, descriptive flowcharts to elucidate various aspects of refractive surgeries and recapitulate the salient points at a glance.

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BookAuthor:  Jeewan S Titiyal (Author), Manpreet Kaur (Author), Sridevi Nair (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2 Sept. 2021 ISBN 978-9354652134
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