General Ophthalmology \ Handbook of Clinical Trials in Ophthalmology, Second Edition :
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This book offers every clinical ophthalmologist complete guidance as it compiles the results of the latest multicenter clinical trials in the practice of ophthalmology with relevant references. The trials have been organized into chapters, covering all ophthalmic sub-specialties. Each pertinent trial is described under similar subject headings/styles and has been formatted accordingly for easy reading and recall. A summary at the end of each chapter has been provided for easy reference. All the major and latest clinical trials have been recorded.

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BookAuthor:  Vinod Kumar (Author), Neha Goel (Author), Pooja Shah (Author), AK Gupta (Author) Version : Second Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   29 Nov. 2021 ISBN 978-9390595075
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