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The book caters to the needs of undergraduate students and covers all the theoretical and practical topics of ophthalmology mapped with latest competency-based MCI curriculum. Theoretical discussions well supplemented with algorithms, tables, along with more than 300 clinical images and illustrations. This book is must for MBBS students, a befitted foundation book for residents in ophthalmology and also a review book for practicing ophthalmologists. Key Highlights Title mapped with the revised competency-based MCI curriculum and written in simple language. Relevant clinical correlations for better student understanding. In-depth explanations of topics like uvea, retina, glaucoma, Ocular Manifestations in Neurological disorders. Concepts made easy and understandable with the help of algorithms. Beautiful illustrations for understanding the concepts and recreating during examinations. Better quality clinical images.

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BookAuthor:  Sanjeev Kumar Mittal (Author), Raj Kumar Agarwal (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Thieme PublishDate :   27 Jun. 2022 ISBN 978-9388257787
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