Strabismus & Pediatric Ophthalmology \ Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children :
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Cerebral visual disorders have far-reaching consequences for child development. These have profound adverse effects on children’s education and success in school and also in later life, but, unfortunately, cerebral visual disorders often remain undiagnosed and untreated in the pediatric population. This book provides a state-of-the-art account of what is known about the development and disorders of visual perception in children. It covers the development and disorders of visual perception in children, their assessment, early intervention and management in an interdisciplinary context, both from a scientific as well as clinical perspective. Case studies illustrate the recommended assessment and rehabilitation procedures; synopses, boxes and check-lists complement the presentation of our recommendations for clinical practice.

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BookAuthor:  Josef Zihl (Author), Gordon N. Dutton (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   22 Sept. 2016 ISBN 978-3709119242
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