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Get the foundational knowledge you need in the area of visual optics with the text that is easy to comprehend, visually appealing, and engaging from cover to cover. Introduction to Visual Optics: A Light Approach covers the basic information you need in this complex area in a significantly more approachable manner than other resources on the market. You'll find clear, easy-to-read explanations that work hand-in-hand with colourful charts, graphs, illustrations, and diagrams created by the author, Dr. Samantha Strong. This unique text is perfect for optometry students, optometrists, ophthalmology residents, student dispensing opticians, and others in the eye care field.

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BookAuthor:  Samantha Strong PhD (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Elsevier PublishDate :   2 Dec. 2022 ISBN 978-0323875349
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