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Elizabeth Rakcozy and a team of leading clinical and experimental scientists describe in step-by-step detail the key techniques essential to effective molecular biological research in ophthalmology and optometry. These readily reproducible methods are adapted to the special requirements of vision research, with coverage that ranges from the most basic to the most sophisticated technologies. Included are methods for the down-regulation of gene expression, new gene therapy techniques, and for the development of transgenic and knockout animal models for testing novel therapies. Eminently accessible and clinically relevant, Vision Research Protocols provides experimental and biomedical investigators in ophthalmology and optometry with a rich panoply of most powerful tools with which to ask--and answer--all the important questions emerging from the dramatically advancing work in vision research today.

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BookAuthor:  P. Elizabeth Rakoczy (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Humana PublishDate :   December 22, 2000 ISBN 978-0896038370
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