Optometry \ Low Vision Principles and Management :
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Providing an ideal balance of theory and practice, Low Vision: Principles and Management covers all aspects of providing effective eye care to individuals with visual impairment. This concise yet comprehensive resource covers everything from theoretical background to current rehabilitative aids and low vision treatment strategies―all while adopting a practical approach to vision care. It brings practising eye care professionals and students fully up to date with current optical and electronic devices and how they are used in everyday practice, as well as evidence-based vision rehabilitation guidelines. Features comprehensive guidance on visual rehabilitation for acuity loss and visual field loss. Describes a wealth of practical advice and real-world case scenarios to help guide your day-to-day patient interactions as well as your most challenging situations. Covers hot topics, including the link between mental health and low vision, assistive technologies, measures of quality of life and other outcome measures, WHO classifications of visual impairment, and best practices for auditing and commissioning vision services. Contains over 200 diagrams, illustrations, and patient photos to aid in visual understanding. Explains how eye care professionals can work within a multi-disciplinary team to provide complete care.

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BookAuthor:  Christine Dickinson BSc PhD FCOptom PGCertHE (Author), Ana HernandezTrillo BSc MSc PhD PGDipMEd SFHEA (Author), Michael Crossland (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Elsevier PublishDate :   May 5, 2023 ISBN 978-0323876346
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