Uveitis & Ocular Infections \ Emerging Ocular Infections :
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The book offers comprehensive coverage on novel manifestations of known infections, novel infections with documented ophthalmic involvement, and the growing issue of resistance among certain infections. Filling a much-needed gap in current literary offerings, chapters approach ophthalmic manifestations of infectious disease from a novel perspective. Each chapter is co-written by an ophthalmologist and an infectious disease specialist to provide multidisciplinary insight. This unique analysis of infectious disease enhances the ability of ophthalmologists and infectious disease specialists to identify the manifold manifestations of both common and rare infections in the eye. Chapters begin with a general introduction, and each contain an Infectious Disease section, along with an Ophthalmology section. The book covers infections such as viral retinitis, fungal infections, syphilis, tuberculosis, vector-borne illnesses, and delve into rarer conditions such as unusual post-operative infections.

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BookAuthor:  Careen Y. Lowder (Editor), Nabin Shrestha (Editor), Arthi Venkat (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   22 April 2023 ISBN 978-3031245589
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