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Clinical Procedures for Ocular Examination, Fifth Edition is the must-have eye care resource, whether you’re a student, resident, or practitioner. Here, in one concise handbook, is every major clinical procedure used in ocular examinations. Offering ideal preparation for clinical eye exams, the book features detailed, systematic guidance on how to confidently perform all major examination techniques, which are described by purpose, indication, equipment, set-up, recording, and examples. Each procedure is accompanied by precise illustrations and photographs, designed to enhance your knowledge and comfort level with the full spectrum of techniques. Clinical Procedures for Ocular Examination represents the single most essential clinical companion in eye care available anywhere.

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BookAuthor:  Jennifer Reilly (Author), Hilary Gaiser (Author), Benjamin Young (Author) Version : Fifth Edition - EPUB
Publisher : McGraw Hill / Medical PublishDate :   5 April 2023 ISBN 978-1264277438
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