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Fundamentals of Ophthalmic Practice is written for new trainees and advanced practitioners in ophthalmology, to help provide a foundation of knowledge to build on. The aim of this book is to shorten the learning curve for people new to ophthalmology for skills and interpretation of key investigations used on a daily basis in ophthalmology clinics. The book covers contemporary technology and procedures in ophthalmology in a succinct manner, with emphasis on providing practical information needed for people new to the specialty. The handbook collates information from the authors' personal experience, technical manuals for devices and curriculum information in a single concise source to act as a single point of reference for starting out in ophthalmology. This book covers key topics based around the ophthalmology curriculum for U.K trainees/residents; however, its advice is applicable internationally to ophthalmology trainees who will all require the core skills and knowledge detailed in this text. Many of the investigations and skills covered in this book are ones which are detailed as part of sub-specialty textbooks, or large ophthalmology handbooks that include chapters on eye conditions. In this text , the authors have provided up to date information about currently used ophthalmic technology in a concise format that emphasises foundation skills needed for those new to ophthalmology.

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BookAuthor:  Tom Sherman (Author), William Spackman (Author), Salman Waqar (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Company PublishDate :   22 Jun. 2023 ISBN 978-9811270635
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