Retina \ Retinal Vessel Analysis - A New Method of Diagnostics and Risk Prediction :
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Shortly after the introduction of the ophthalmoscope in the 19th century, ophthalmologists observed the blood vessels of the retina and noticed that there were changes in the caliber of the blood column and in the structure of the vessel walls of arteries and veins, especially in connection with systemic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. From there it was still a stony but fascinating way to the successful breakthrough of retinal vessel analysis visible in this book. It will give an up-to-date overview on the interdisciplinary scientific and clinical application of this new microvascular diagnostic method in cardiovascular prevention to optimize risk stratification and potentially facilitate treatment guidance.

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BookAuthor:  Prof. Dr. Henner Hanssen and Dr.-Ing. habil. Walthard Vilser Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : UNI-MED PublishDate :   October 25, 2019 ISBN 978-3-8374-5576-2
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