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As we enter the quantum era, new research on applying the rules of quantum physics to biology, which was previously considered impossible, has revolutionized our understanding and our concept of molecular and atomic particles behavior and their interactions. This book is the first comprehensive review of the quantum biology of the visual system. Chapters discuss the relevance of quantum physics to the biological systems, especially in the visual system. The main purpose of this book is to simplify quantum biology concepts relevant to physiology of human eye and to help the reader understand the essentials of this new emerging, complex and anti-intuitive field of science. It offers a contemporary view of the emerging interplay between the biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, and molecular and atomic particle quantum characteristics such as vibration, spin etc. Quantum Biology of the Eye is an essential resource for Ophthalmologists, physicians, residents, fellows, all fields of visual science and medical students in ophthalmology, and other converging fields of science such as visual optics biochemists, psychology etc.

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BookAuthor:  Kambiz Thomas Moazed (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF - EPUB
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   5 Aug. 2023 ISBN 978-3031320590
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