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Unparalleled for aiding diagnosis of retinal disease and recording disease progression, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) remains one of the most significant advances in ophthalmology over the past 50 years. Atlas of Retinal OCT, 2nd Edition, provides expert guidance in making the most of this diagnostic tool with high-quality, oversized images that show precise detail and assist with rapid, accurate clinical decision making. Led by the same expert team of Drs. Jay S. Duker, Nadia K. Waheed, and Darin R. Goldman, and with the addition of new editor Dr. Shilpa J. Desai, this atlas remains your “go to” reference source for OCT imaging of the retina. Now updated throughout to align with current practice, it covers a range of both common and rare disorders and presentations.

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BookAuthor:  Jay S. Duker (Editor), Nadia K. Waheed (Editor), Darin Goldman (Editor), Shilpa J. Desai (Editor) Version : Second Edition - Original PDF - EPUB
Publisher : Elsevier PublishDate :   3 Oct. 2023 ISBN 978-0323930437
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