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The Science of Glaucoma Management: From Translational Research to Next-Generation Clinical Practice bridges the gap between laboratory research and clinicians by bringing the latest promising research directly from researchers to clinicians long before they translate into clinical advances, and often before they are presented at conferences. Organized as a series of clinically relevant topics written by world-leading experts, this book summarizes the current state of laboratory and translational research and draws on the potential implications for day-to-day clinical practice. It offers new insights and mind-opening statements through contributions from some of the most respected glaucoma research groups. The book allows glaucoma specialists to explore novel ways to refine and rethink their practice based on the latest discoveries in basic sciences and breakthrough technologies, and to gain a better understanding on how their specialty is evolving and how research may shape tomorrow’s practice.

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BookAuthor:  Kevin Gillmann (Editor), Kaweh Mansouri (Editor) Version : First Edition - EPUB
Publisher : Academic Press PublishDate :   18 May 2023 ISBN 978-0323884426
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