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While the condition known as dry eye may sound like a minor problem, it can cause tremendous discomfort, even pain. Worse, this disorder can lead to eye fatigue, blurred vision, and difficulty driving, especially at night. In a healthy eye, lubricating tears continuously bathe the cornea--the dome-shaped outer surface of the eye. These tears provide a layer of liquid protection from the environment while nourishing the cells, keeping the eyes comfortable, and helping the eyes function properly. But when the glands near the eyes fail to produce tears of adequate quality or quantity, dry eye syndrome occurs. Written by optometrist Jeffrey Anshel, What You Must Know About Dry Eye is divided into two parts. Part One begins by explaining the anatomy of the eye and how it works. It then focuses on dry eye--what the condition is, what causes it, how it impacts vision, and how it is diagnosed. In Part Two, the author examines a full range of treatments. First, he looks at conventional therapies, from over-the-counter artificial tears to prescription drugs. He then guides the reader in using smart nutrition and a proven supplement plan to relieve dry eye while making the eyes healthier, more comfortable, and able to see more clearly. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from dry eye, you know that this disorder can affect both your feeling of well-being and your ability to function in the world. What You Must Know About Dry Eye tells you how to relieve this common condition while improving and safeguarding your vision.

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BookAuthor:  Jeffrey Anshel (Author) Version : First Edition - EPUB
Publisher : Square One Publishers PublishDate :   25 Sept. 2019 ISBN 978-0757004797
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