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Video Atlas of Strabismus Surgery Understanding and managing strabismus is often considered too complicated and difficult and thus deters most ophthalmologists from practising the specialty. However, most cases can be treated appropriately with due understanding and appreciation of the key concepts. Besides a good evaluation, operating in the correct tissue planes, respecting the conjunctiva and other tissues, preventing excessive bleeding and being consistent are essential for obtaining optimal outcomes. While nothing can replace hands-on training under an expert strabismologist, a good surgical reference book along with the videos can help both the trainee and the practising strabismologist develop and improve their surgical skills. This video atlas contains over 30 surgical videos along with procedures that are essential during the planning and execution of squint surgery. The book is divided into 17 chapters which cover basic topics such as essential surgical anatomy, key points in decision making in strabismus surgery, recent concepts in understanding of complex strabismus, conventional recession and resection along with newer surgical techniques like periosteal anchor of the lateral rectus, globe anchor to the medial periosteal wall and the medial transposition of the lateral rectus. Teaching surgical technique is the main objective of this book, however, learning cannot be complete without essential background information like surgical anatomy and indications of each surgery. The book brings together different techniques in one comprehensive text, to act as a guide for the general ophthalmologist and practising strabismologist.

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