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​Keratoplasty techniques have evolved in the last 15 years into a variety of forms, which have diversified the previous monographic presence of the penetrating keratoplasty technique. The development of anterior lamellar graft (DALK), and posterior lamellar graft (DSAEK), makes an important change in the approach to lamellar surgery. Later on, the appearance of DMEK and superficial lamellar keratectomy broadened the spectrum. Today, intralamellar surgery has evolved with a number of techniques that involve stromal enhancement with biologically active or acellular corneal laminas from donors, customized lenticles from SMILE surgeries or customized by corneal topography, and more recently, corneal regeneration of the stroma by advanced techniques using mesenchymal stem cells. This book offers a comprehensive overview of modern keratoplasty techniques, the technology, surgical skills, and outcomes. It highlights the practical uses of keratoplasty for all cornea surgeons and anterior segment surgeons. The book is divided into sections, each covering a specific type of keratoplasty, including chapters on innovations within each surgery type. The goal of this book is to unify all recent knowledge about the different keratoplasty techniques and outcomes, creating a one-stop resource for ophthalmaolgy surgeons. Modern Keratoplasty is a must-have resource for corneal specialists and surgeons, anterior segment surgeons, refractive surgeons, cataract surgeons, residents, fellows, and corneal researchers.

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BookAuthor:  Jorge L. Alió (Editor), Jorge L. Alió del Barrio (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF - EPUB
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   2023, November 17 ISBN 978-3031324079
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