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The incidence and prevalence of high myopia has increased significantly over the past decade and is expected to more than double over the next 20 years. These patients are more impacted by their vision than patients with lower refractive errors, and also have more limited safe and effective treatment options available to them. Fortunately, recent developments in the field have improved refractive surgery screening to improve safety, and new surgical options are now available specifically to address these more complex refractive errors. The book will address the unique challenges presented by patients with high myopia and cover the pros and cons of current treatment options. The book will also feature case studies, with detailed images and tables. In addition, the book will discuss promising future options currently in development. Refractive Surgery for High Myopia is a must-have resource for ophthalmologists, refractive surgeons, residents, and fellows.

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BookAuthor:  J. Bradley Randleman (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF - EPUB
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   23 Nov. 2023 ISBN 978-3031405594
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