Lacrimal System \ Atlas of Lacrimal Drainage Disorders, Second Edition :
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The second edition of this successful Atlas provides an updated and comprehensive guide to the evaluation and management of lacrimal drainage disorders with 4400+ images.. Lacrimal disorders are one of the most common conditions encountered not only by oculoplastic surgeons and general ophthalmologists, but also by otorhinolaryngologists in their daily practice. It is authored by a world renowned expert in the field. The 2nd edition consists of 103 chapters addressing the basic anatomy and underlying pathology, patient evaluation, and the surgical procedures currently performed in managing various lacrimal disorders. Surgical modalities including the endoscopic approaches are thoroughly and succinctly captured in pictures with detailed legends to aid understanding and offer a visual treat. The book discusses how to deal with surgical complications and failure in detail since familiarity with a surgical technique is incomplete without the knowledge of risk factors and red flags. The 2nd edition of the Atlas of Lacrimal Drainage Disorders is an essential companion to the author’s previous work ‘Principles and Practice of Lacrimal Surgery’. This detailed guide is an indispensable resource for practicing ophthalmologists, oculoplastic surgeons, dacryologists, ophthalmology residents, ophthalmology fellows, practicing otorhinolaryngologists, otolaryngology residents and rhinology fellows.

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BookAuthor:  Mohammad Javed Ali (Author) Version : Second Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   26 April 2024 ISBN 978-9819913992
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