General Ophthalmology \ Toronto Guide to Clinical Ophthalmology for Physicians and Medical Trainees :
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High-yield topics physicians and medical trainees need to know to treat the most commonly encountered ophthalmic diseases This resource provides a clinical approach to the examination, diagnosis, and management of common ocular diseases and ocular emergencies based on the collective knowledge of one of the nation's foremost academic departments, the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, University of Toronto. Features include: Diseases broken down by etiology, clinical features, and management, including when emergency referral to ophthalmology is required. Sidebars highlighting key clinical skills every physician and trainee should know An extensive collection of high-quality images and illustrations. With this guide, practising physicians will have at their fingertips an authoritative reference to help them deliver better patient care in their daily clinical practice, residents will lay a solid foundation for further study in the field, and medical students will gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed in their ophthalmology rotation.

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BookAuthor:  Daniel J Weisbrod (Author), Tina Felfeli (Author), Sherif R El-Defrawy (Author) Version : First Edition - EPUB
Publisher : Brush Education Inc PublishDate :   28 April 2020 ISBN 978-1550598254
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