Dry Eye & Ocular Surface Diseases \ Treatment of Dry Eye :
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Dry eye is one of the most common ocular diseases. With the wide use of consumer electronics, environmental pollution and aging population, it has been prevalent and has seen a rising trend globally. Symptoms of dry eye affect daily activities and quality of life. This book details and illustrates popular medical science knowledge about dry eye. The cartoonist also shares her own treatment process. Various questions and doubts raised by dry eye patients and the effective therapy and treatment are well explained. The book provides a good resource for readers to acquire in-depth knowledge on causes and hazards brought about by dry eye as well as how to prevent its occurrence.

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BookAuthor:  Qingyan Zeng (Author), Li Pan (Illustrator), David Wen Wei Woo (Translator), Eng Hui Gan (Translator), Chung Nen Chua (Translator) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : World Scientific PublishDate :   14 Feb. 2023 ISBN 978-9811255809
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