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Eye emergencies may present in the GP surgery, A&E or an outpatient clinic, but few people outside of ophthalmology are confident about the management of eye problems. This book will give you the essential skills to: perform an initial assessment understand what you can manage yourself and how to do the basics decide when you need to refer to ophthalmology. In addition, the book provides: a glossary of common ophthalmic terminology and medications which will be invaluable when reviewing ophthalmology letters a triage ready reckoner to help you sort the symptoms and decide how quickly you need to refer a systems-based approach to highlight common conditions and then describes how to assess, investigate and manage each of them a guide to the most common investigations and how to interpret the results. At all stages, symbols are used to highlight what can safely be undertaken in general practice and A&E, and when ophthalmologists should take over. Red flag boxes highlight important clinical concepts that should never be missed, and red text is used to indicate sight- or life-threatening conditions. This is a book to help anyone looking to refresh their knowledge of diagnosis, management and referral to ophthalmology: medical students, foundation doctors, GPs, A&E doctors, junior ophthalmology specialty trainees, ophthalmic nurses and nurse practitioners.

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BookAuthor:  Michelle Attzs (Author), Twishaa Sheth (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF - EPUB
Publisher : Scion Publishing Ltd PublishDate :   March 19, 2024 ISBN 978-1914961373
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