Neuro-ophthalmology \ The Neuro-Ophthalmology Survival Guide, Third Edition :
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This book is a practical, symptom-based, 'how-to' guide to neuro-ophthalmology for all trainee and practising ophthalmologists, optometrists, and physicians whose practice includes patients with eye or brain issues. Each chapter focusses on a specific clinical symptom and includes an introduction to the clinical assessment of a symptom; an examination checklist; a management flowchart to be followed; clinical diagnostic criteria checklists; and further information on the diseases that can cause the symptom with a brief discussion of appropriate management. A practical and accessible handbook for the ophthalmologist, optometrist, or other physician without a specialist interest in neuro-ophthalmology. Simplifies a subject that is often a cause of litigation against practising ophthalmologists and exam failure for trainees and residents. Aids diagnosis in a field in which mistakes may lead to serious consequences, e.g. patients with brain tumours presenting with blurred or double vision. Uniquely guides the reader from presenting symptoms, through a series of simple but safe flowcharts and checklists, to the necessary tests, diagnosis, and timely treatment. The first chapter presents 20 'golden rules' to keep you and your patients out of trouble. Updates throughout the text include recent advances in diagnosis and treatment for conditions with improved pathophysiological insights; genetic aspects of several conditions and their impact on management; imaging and laboratory tests available for diagnosis of disorders. New self-assessment quizzes to consolidate everyday clinical skills or for exam preparation. More than 60 online videos demonstrate examination techniques as well as abnormal eye movements, eyelid problems and pupil abnormalities.

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BookAuthor:  Anthony Pane (Author), Neil R. Miller (Author), Michael Burdon (Author) Version : Third Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Elsevier PublishDate :   15 Feb. 2024 ISBN 978-0443115981
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