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The book “Essentials of OPHTHALMOLOGY” provides complete and up-to-date material in simple language and lucid style. It is presented in a simplified way; yet in a comprehensive manner covering all the topics with a lot of clinical photographs and diagrams. This book consists of total 22 sections followed by chapters in each section and each chapter consists of important notes; facts; and gist boxes have been prepared; which will make simple to memorize the essentials with least effort. Sections include human eye; eyelids; conjunctiva; cornea; etc. The chapter of the sections includes its anatomy; congenital anomalies; inflammatory diseases; tumors; etc. Every topic has been detailed with its essential topics and recent advances. The other sections of the book include retina; lens; vitreous; optic nerve; Lacrimal system; etc. This book will be a useful guide for the medical students of ophthalmology.

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BookAuthor:  Dadapper k (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   October 15, 2015 ISBN 978-9351529088
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