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The book, written by renowned international experts from all over the world, aims to guide the vitreoretinal surgeon on the management of different retinal surgery conditions in a clear, practical way. In 34 masterfully illustrated chapters, this practical manual covers a wide spectrum of vitreoretinal disorders ranging from simple to complex. Chapters range in topics written from applied anatomy and physiology and preoperative examination of vitreoretinal patients to pars plana vitrectomy set up, and other peripheral retinal disorders such as retinal tears, degenerations, and retinoschisis. Later chapters delve into more complex conditions such as vitreoretinal surgery for anterior segment complications, vitreoretinal surgery in trauma, pediatric retina surgery as well as advanced technology including endoscopy and 3-D visualization. To ensure this book remains a practical resource for trainees as well as more established surgeons,each chapter includes many high-quality figures and illustrations, along with a multitude of carefully edited surgical videos that walks the reader through more complex procedures in vitreoretinal surgery. Additional teaching tools used in each chapter to communicate important information are clinical cases to give context to comorbid conditions and other complicating factors, and short bullet points close each chapter for readers searching for a quick review.

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BookAuthor:  Ahmed B. Sallam (Editor), Ferenc Kuhn (Editor), Giampaolo Gini (Editor), Ron A. Adelman (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF - EPUB
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   24 July 2024 ISBN 978-3031478260
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