General Ophthalmology \ Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Ninth Edition :
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"Better understanding of Competency-based Medical Education (CBME) curriculum has necessitated the early revision. So, ninth edition has been revised, updated with recent advances incorporated in every section. However, the layout of the book which has been appreciated by the medical students is retained as such, with text arranged in five sections.      AETCOM (Attitude, Ethics and Communication skills), which is unique and essential concept under CBME curriculum, has been introduced in the very first chapter    Case studies have been incorporated liberally in this chapter, keeping in view the patient centric, Competency-based Medical Education (CBME) curriculum, 2018.   DOAP (Demonstrate, Observe, Assess and Perform) concept has been incorporated appropriately with competency number mapped.   Skill assessment, one of the suggested assessment method in new CBME curriculum has also been included     OSPE (Objectively Structured Practical Examination) and OSCE (Objectively Structured Clinical Examination) have also been incorporated."

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BookAuthor:  AK Khurana (Author), Aruj K Khurana (Author), Bhawna P Khurana (Author) Version : Ninth Edition - Scanned PDF
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   27 Feb. 2023 ISBN 978-9356961623
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